Portal Services

A successful Higher Education portal strategy secures an immediate return on investment by dynamically aggregating content, functions and features into a high-performance workspace relevant to the user’s specific role and responsibilities. 

Portal Services delivered by Tech Proven are rich with robust functions that include content aggregation, personalization, administration and search capabilities. With a well-executed portal architecture, our clients benefit from access to personalized content that comes from multiple sources all integrated into one website.

Portal Services Provide:

  • A more personalized experience and let you reach prospective students more effectively.
  • Students, staff & faculty the ability to work more efficiently and feel better connected to the organization.
  • The most cost-effective and quickest way to make adjustments to your site.
  • Systems integration so that when a request is made you will have to access multiple systems and interfaces to fulfill it.
  • Implementation of a self-service model that will increase data integrity while reducing the demand on your school’s resources.
  • Enterprise portal application software solutions that will work best with your existing systems and customized applications.

By using product-specific architectures, we customize portal tools and methods that we use to build the correct portal solution every time. Tech Proven’s architectural and design patterns serve as the portal’s guiding principles in development.  This will better enable integration with other applications and make the portal more conducive to future enhancements and modifications when your higher education needs change.

Our Portal Services for Higher Ed include (but are not limited to):

Students (Functions vary for Applicants, Undergraduates, Graduate, and Alumni)

  • Admission Status Check
  • Class Schedule
  • Degree Evaluation
  • E-Mail/Address Update
  • eVote (faculty evaluations, elections, surveys)
  • Message Center
  • Registration Info
  • Request e-mail
  • Transcripts

Faculty (Multiple campuses and Extended Studies)

  • Evaluation Results
  • Password Update
  • WebDrop
  • WebGrades
  • WebRosters

Staff (with special authorization only)

  • Admissions Reports
  • Course Demand
  • Department WebGrades
  • Department WebRosters
  • Enrollment Reports
  • Student Grades
  • Student Registration

External Links

  • Learning Management System
  • Institution’s Bookstore
  • Library
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Account Services (Pay Fees, Download your Bill, Access Transaction History)
  • Student Health


  • Campus Security

Tech Proven Portal services offer several different methods of authentication to the Internet for students, faculty and staff. We also provide the ability to have different portal pages for multiple campuses within the same university or college. This also allows for the creation of different virtual networks within one campus, so you can offer different levels of service or allow them to display different components such as content management applications, single sign-on systems, search features, reporting engines, document management tools, security software and personalization tools.

When it comes to portal services, Tech Proven is head and shoulders above its competition. Our staff architects and industry experts regularly develop web portals . for national clients and focus only on what they know best.