Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Disaster is a “WHEN” …not an “IF” …regardless what anyone says…

With as much as technology changes today, it is clear that Disaster Recovery is more important than ever. Many things such as  Disaster recovery plans, data services and managed internet services will need continuity when disaster strikes. Everyone will need a Plan and the ability to implement that plan during these times.

Research has  showed that 90% of businesses could fail within 5 working days if they are not able to continue doing business after a disaster.

Whether its a hurricane, earthquake or tornado or even a small fire, burst pipes, vandalism or power outages, disaster will cause anyone to loose business one way or another if unprepared.

Maintaining an overall recovery plan can include the protection of your critical systems and having a proper data back up system that is reliable is very much needed. Providing a software recovery program is a service offered as a part of developing your emergency recovery plan. After all,  shouldn’t Software be of such a high caliber as to build your trust and confidence while remaining affordable at the same time?

Disaster recovery plans can be designed to meet any individuals needs of each different business types. Allowing a business to stay in touch with its clients, vendors, employees and its community is important before, during and after disaster strikes.

One Service that Techproven offers is mobile recovery service. Mobile Recovery services can be available at the site of the business within a short time regardless your location. These mobile units are able to stay as long as needed to keep the business running until the recovery of the disaster can be solved. Mobile Recovery Services keep business continuity in mind as it is a very vital issue for businesses.

Another Disaster Recovery Service Tech Proven Offers is the ability for clients toretain vital information stored at an off site location. Constant Monitoring of temperature and humidity levels at our facilities typical of any offsite data storage facilities. Tech Proven Maintains the highest security standards to offer the ultimate protection of your information. Tech Proven offers Multi-Site storage to ensure a safe location for your backed up data regardless the storage medium being used, this provides our clients protection against a widespread disaster.

Risk Assessment is essential to the Disaster Recovery process. Assessing and prioritizing the various risks that could possibly affect business continuity is a key part to play in our Disaster Recovery Service. Tech Proven offers a detailed disaster plan that can take into consideration your business strategy, while at the same time offering a plan that covers different disaster scenarios.

Tech Proven can tailor your Disaster Recovery to be as complex or as simple as you need.  A plan can be designed for anyone. All businesses should have a plan to deal with any type of emergency. If your business has no plan it could very well hurt later WHEN Disaster strikes…not if.

The Tech Proven Disaster Recovery Plan

Tech Proven offers enterprise-class managed solutions for business of all sizes. Utilizing a best-in-class architecture, a Tech Proven Solution allows our customers to focus on their core business while letting us provide them with an enterprise-level infrastructure for a fixed, predictable monthly fee. Our infrastructure utilizies best-in-class architectures and technologies from Tier 1 vendors, including Cisco, Comodo, Kaseya, Nagios, OpenNMS and VMware. Built with flexibility, scalability, and most importantly reliability in mind, we provide our clients unmatched service.