Higher Education Services

Higher Education Services

Higher Education Services

Tech Proven Higher Education Services have gone to great lengths to obtain a wide array of knowledge and experience from both the higher education market as well as the private industry.  Higher Education offers a unique set of challenges, such as complex ERP systems and the need to maintain and customize these systems to meet the ever changing demand from students, faculty and administration.  The demand is constantly changing the learning curve of new technologies and is getting more difficult. At the same time,  additional resources are seldom available that will fit within shrinking budgets.  The most resource intensive portion in juggling these limited resources is the maintenance and upgrades to keep up with technology.

As the technology gets more complex, the resources spent on product education and maintenance increases.  The  Tech Proven Higher Education Services goal is to lower that complexity through hands on training and extensive documentation.  Any of our staff can easily install, secure, maintain, and customize an enterprise environment, but unless that knowledge is passed through to an institution’s staff we have failed to meet our goal and we have failed our clients.  Below is a summarized list of services that we have experience in to meet our goal of providing a level of service that is rarely seen today.


ERP Related Services

  • Enterprise Systems Architecture for Higher Education
  • Migration of ERP applications from OAS to Weblogic
  • Migration of ERP from Oracle 10g through Oracle 12g
  • ERP upgrades and patches
  • ERP functional support
  • BEIS Installation and custom integration
  • Oracle Database installs
  • Oracle Database upgrades
  • Oracle Database Server migration
  • Oracle Database tuning
  • Oracle Grid Control
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • Oracle OAS to Weblogic Migration
  • Oracle Training
  • Release Management Services

Portal Services

  • Luminis Installation
  • Luminis upgrade from version IV to 5
  • Luminis integration with ERP
  • Luminis integration with distance learning environments
  • Luminis integration with hosted email solutions
  • CAS Single Sign-on

Enterprise Integration Services

  • LDAP installation, Integration
  • Identity Management
  • Service Monitoring

Operating System Support

  • Linux
  • VMware
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • Windows
  • OpenVMS


The Higher Education Services provided by Tech Proven can cover many of your needs, why not give us a call or send us a quick “hello” to see what we can do for you. Feel free to Contact Us at any time.