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Tech Proven was originally founded in 2009.  At that time Tech Proven was a general Managed IT Service Provider that was aimed toward small business and K-12 schools.  Since then we have undergone some changes and adapted additional partners to gear the company toward higher education and enterprise level services and support.  Tech Proven employees have the highest level experience in enterprise application support, especially in the realm of higher education. It’s always important to know who you are working with regardless of how long a company has been around, with that being said, we proudly admit that the majority of our staff has twenty plus years experience with Enterprise and Higher Education  IT services.

Managed IT Service Provider

Tech Proven is a Managed IT Service Provider, with a goal to provide the best services and support that is unsurpassed in this industry. Tech Proven is dedicated to bringing you information resources, installations, maintenance and education with current technology and best practices.  We realize that a Google search might not find us at the top, but probably behind about 100 other companies offering you similar service offerings and dedication to their clients. However, what you will not find on a Google search is word of mouth from an uncensored client base.  Every client of Tech Proven is encouraged to provide an honest uncensored testimonial when requested by anyone.
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