Operating System Migration Services and Support

Operating System Migration

Operating System migration


Operating System Migration Services and Support

Operating System Migration consists of moving either the entire ERP environment or pieces of it from its current platform to a modern updated platform.  This is generally done to save cost and increase performance as well as preparing your ERP environment for the future growth.  If you are running your Oracle databases on Solaris or OpenVMS operating systems, you will see a great deal of performance by moving to the much faster x86_64 bit architecture.


Tech Proven has put together a common practices operating system migration services and support model that allows for quick reliable migration to Linux, hands on training of changes for both systems administration staff and ERP staff, and extensive documentation through our client wiki.  Going with this solution provides many benefits over attempting this alone.  The biggest benefit is Tech Proven has an established track record of success in this area as well as documentation and training materials to bring our clients up to speed on any area they may not be experienced or confident to manage this new solution.

OpenVMS to Linux

The migration path from OpenVMS to Linux is probably the most complex of the migration paths, as there are issues during the actual data migration that need to be addressed to insure data integrity.  We have gone down this road in the past with much success and have produced a solid checklist for getting our clients from OpenVMS onto Linux running on modern Intel 64bit hardware.

Solaris To Linux

This is often a decision most CIOs have to make or have made over the past five years and moving into the next five years.  Should we migrate to Linux from our Solaris environment?  Case studies show that more often then not it is more economically viable to migrate to the Intel 64bit platform running Oracle Enterprise Linux or Redhat Enterprise Linux then to stay with Solaris running on proprietary Sparc hardware that is usually lacking in performance and cost substantially more.  One factor that is often overlooked is the cost alone of managing a Solaris environment from a resource perspective.  Solaris has not kept up with modern patching methods and ease of remote software repositories, which usually puts a great deal of work on the systems administrators to keep these systems up to date as well as increased general maintenance overhead.  Most cases we have found clients have neglected software updates because the patching overhead.  This inability to reliably patch systems with limited resources leads to outdated systems that are vulnerable to exploits as well as incompatible software versions when trying to upgrade the services that run on these machines.

Tech Proven has done a number of Solaris migrations in the ERP realm. The performance and low maintenance overhead after making this change has been very positive.

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